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Friday 06 March 2020 by Frank Jansen

If there would be a classification of gran fondo's with the most beautiful surroundings in world, the Alpen Challenge would definitely make it to the top 3. It's simple: you can't find a better one. Cyclocalendar is proud to be the event's partner. And, as always, there are free tickets to be won.

Why should I ride the Alpen Challenge?

So, why? Well... it's hard to finds words to describe the beauty of this gran fondo and its surroundings. A staggering 31 km long climb, that's the Albulapas. The top of the climb resembles the great Mont Ventoux with it's grit-packed slopes. The descent of the Malojapas is a never ending network switchbacks with a marvellous view on the valley below. The 30 km Splügenpas is for one long. About half way through you'll enter a maze of gallery-style tunnels. The descent is another switchback heaven. The dessert? The spectacular Viamala canyon. The final climb to Lenzerheide is tough, but you can smell the finishing line from here. You'll pass it with 191 km and 4473 meters of elevation in your pocket - not a walk in the park by any standards. The medio fond is a little easier, but don't underestimate the 117 km / almost 3000m elevation.

Sunday June 14 will be d-day. Early in the morning, the riders will line up in Lenzerheide in the canton of Graubünden. It is here you'll find the plenty of high passes, so in the days before you'll feel like a kid in a candy shop. The organisation is Swiss: high-quality, good food/drink stops, traffic wardens, and so on. The road quality in this area is fabulous. There's not a single reason NOT to enter the raffle. 

Still not convinced? Watch this video

How things work

This one is a little different than the give aways we've held before. First, check out this form, which contains three questions about the Alpen Challenge. You can find the right answers on their official website. Answer the questions and sign up.

The give away is valid up to and inclusief the 9th of March. On Tuesday March 10, we randomly select 3 winners. They will be informed personally, their names will be published on Cyclocalendar staff and their family are not allowed in the raffle.

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