Two new Swiss partnerships: Alpen Challenge and Säntis Classic

Tuesday 03 March 2020 by Frank Jansen

Last week Cyclocalander has found 2 new partners: the Alpen Challenge and the Santis Classic. A short introduction to these two Swiss events.

Alpen Challenge

If you're in for a long, tough gran fondo packed with stunning views, the Alpen Challenge is the place to be. Lenzerheide hosts the start and finish. Both the short and the long route are truly mouth watering. The Albulapas is one of the best Switserland has to offer and the descent of the Malojapas is something you will never forget. The never ending Splügenpas contains a maze like network of never ending tunnels. With 194 km/4235 meters of elevation, this gran fondo is hors category. In our notorious suffer-index, this event scores a staggering 91,4 points, which is a little bit more than the Maratona. If you feel this is too much, there's a medio fondo as well. The shorter route has 119 km/2500m. 

Write down 14th of June 2020 in your agenda. On this day you will cross off the Alpen Challenge from your bucket list.

For registration and more info, check the official website.

Säntis Classic

A week before, on June 7th, there's the Säntis Classic. This events starts from Weinfelden, close to the Bodensee. Contenders will cover 130 km and 1800 meters of elevation. It's a real high paced gran fondo with a very special route. In the first half, one ascents towards the Schwägalp (1400 m), at the foot of the Säntis. This mountain if the highest point of the Appenzeller Alpen. The second part goes only downhill, in the direction of Weinfelden.

Contenders start in different groups, all with different expected average speeds. The roads are mostly car-free and the surroundings are simply beautiful. An interesting detail: the event is organized by Daniel Markwalder, the man who beat Jens Voigt on an old bike. Check out the video

For registration and more info, check the official website.

Will there be free tickets?

Of course, as always. Stay tuned for more on that.

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