Tour des Station goes an extra mile to occur

Friday 12 June 2020 by Frank Jansen

The Swiss gran fondo cyclo Tour de Stations / Marmotte Granfondo Valais is doing everything they possibly can to occur on August 8. The Swiss organisers are confident that cycling enthusiasts will be able to ride this this summer through breathtaking surroundings. We'll update you in this article.

Some time ago, the organisation has closed registrations in order to keep the numbers low. On June the 24th, local authorities will decide whether more people will be allowed. They've also made the decision to cancel some of the activities. The following routes are still in business:

  • Ultrafondo : 240km / 8,200m elevation
  • Marmotte Granfondo : 145km / 4,750m elevation
  • Mediofondo : 85km / 2,850m elevation

This means the kid's race, the e-bike event and the Superfondo (210 km/6700m elevation) are cancelled. Sad, but acceptable. If you've already registered for one of those activities, you can change your registration.

Cancel your registration 

The organizers alleviate early registrations. You can either get a 60% refund, or move your registration to 2021. In our view this is very fair, we feel other organiser should be inspired by this arrangement.

If you want to know more about the event, visit their website. For now, we keep our fingers crossed. Let's hope the event wil actually occur. 

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