The stage cities and their gran fondo's: Le Teil

Thursday 03 September 2020 by Frank Jansen

Cyclocalendar heroes the Tour de France. In a series of articles we focus on the stage cities and the gran fondo's and sportives of thee region. Today: stage 5, which starts from Gap.

Le Teil is located near the Rhone (photo: Wikipedia Commons)

Cycling around Le Teil

Le Teil is located in the southeast of the Ardèche, right on the border with the Drôme. The village (8000 inhabitants) is not very far from Montélimar. There's not much to tell about the stage city; there are no famous sights. This place is not very popular amongst tourists. 

The terrain around the city is certainly not flat. However, you won't find any larger hills in this region; the famous slopes of the Ardèche are all a lot more to the northwest. The climbs of the Cévennes are a long way to the southwest. The region is green, and in the summer it can get very hot, but it also known for fierce thunderstorms. Cycling is definitely beautiful here, although it's certainly not the most exciting environment. However, it is usually nice and quiet. 

Gran fondo's

From Le Teil no events are organized. The area around the Ventoux can be easily reached, but a little closer from Crest a beautiful sportive is organized: Cyclomontagnarde Vercors. The Vercors is a beautiful, quiet region where you will find beautiful medium, and usually quite unknown climbs. The park belongs to the pre-Alps, so it is not a high mountain range. But make no mistake, it's serious climbing here. The weather is more stable than in the 'real' Alps. The highest peak of the Vercors is just under 2400m, so you are warned. The Cyclomontagnarde Vercors never gets that high. The longest route has 5 climbs, which will yield for 2320m in 170 km. The Col de Carri is the roof of the ride (1215m). Usually the event is ridden mid June, although there is no date for 2021. Definitely a event to keep an eye on. Could easily be combined with for example a training week in Bourg d'Oisans or Mont Ventoux.

In the next edition: Milau.

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