The stage cities and their gran fondo's: Châtelaillon-Plage

Wednesday 09 September 2020 by Frank Jansen

Cyclocalendar heroes the Tour de France. In a series of articles we focus on the stage cities and the gran fondo's and sportives of thee region. Today: stage 11, which starts from Châtelaillon-Plage.

Cycling around Châtelaillon-Plage

Châtelaillon-Plage is a charming French seaside resort with just over 5500 inhabitants. There is a beautiful promenade, a casino and a very wide beach that is perfect for walking. For those who don't like climbing, cycling's good here. Quiet country roads, sunflower fields and very little hills are the ingredients. You won't find any climbs here, let alone any famous ones. There is another important enemy here: the wind. It can blow terribly hard here. Leave your high carbon wheels at home. 

Gran fondo's

As said yesterday: there are very few cycling events in this region. And that is why we have to bend the rules for this section a little bit. We would like to introduce to you the Semaine Fédérale Internationale de Cyclotourisme. A travelling circus, because this cycling week takes place every year in a different place in France. It is created to promote a certain region. Every year between 10,000 and 15,000 cyclists participate. The concept is very original: 6 days of discovering the surroundings in all directions in the form of routes ranging from a few tens of kilometers to 200 km. Intended for road bikes, but nowadays MTB trails are also available. Why do we describe this event now? Well, in 2019, the city of Cognac, known for its spirits, was the host of the event. And that's only an hour's drive from Châtelaillon-Plage.

This year the cycling week has unfortunately been cancelled. In 2021 the event will take place just below Metz, in Pont-a-Mousson. Really such a region where you often drive through by car, but never stop. Definitely worth considering.

In the next edition: Chauvigny.

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