The Giro delle Dolomiti give away. The winners!

Tuesday 18 February 2020 by Herman Nekkers

Last week the subscriptions were open for the Giro delle Dolomiti tickets, worth 330 euro. The number of entries was overwhelming. Today we reveal the winners.

What makes the Giro delle Dolomiti so special?

Seiser Alm (photo: Giro delle Dolomiti)

There are numerous arguments. Six days of cycling in the most beautiful environment you can imagine. A combination of racing and fun. One or two timed, traffic-free climbs every day. Rankings for different age groups. A familiar atmosphere where the organization soon recognizes everyone. And where the riders make lots of friendships. But it is serious cycling too. Stages of 90 to 160 kilometers in length and 2000 to 3300 meters of elevation. Departure from Bolzano every day. Just a wonderful event.

Watch this video:

The winners

De lucky ones:

  • Wouter Fioole – The Netherlands

  • Jacob Simon – Germany

  • Ype Poortinga - The Netherlands

Congrats to all winners form the Cyclokalender team. Didn't you win? Subscribe via the website of the organization.

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