Swiss Alpenbrevet presents new routes

Sunday 19 January 2020 by Frank Jansen

Every gran fondo enthusiast knows the Swiss Alpenbrevet. In reality it's not really a GF, since there's no classification and award ceremony. But even so, this is one of the most beautiful rides of the Alpes. For 2020, changes are announced: routes will be modified - not for the first time. In this article, we'll talk you through all the details. 

Two years ago the organizers had to move the start/finish from Meiringen to Andermatt. The annoyance caused by the cyclists riding through the valley was getting too big. Locals and tourist were fed up. The organizing commitee struggled massively and nearly missed out on their permit for next year's event. An early morning neutralized group start from Andermatt saved the day. For 2020, new changes are announced.


Nufenenpas, Alpenbrevet 2015

Platin unchanged

The only route that will remain the same is the Platin route: Susten - Grimsel - Nufenen - Lukmanier - Oberalp. A massive 268 km ride with >6800 meter of elevation. There is however one issue. If you want to enter the Platin, you will have decide right from the start. In 2020, the Platin will be the only one starting with the Susten. Gold and Silber will take a left and commence with the Furka.  

As said, Gold and Silver are the routes modified for 2020. In the old situation, Gold shared the first 3 cols with the Platin. This year however, after the Furka the Gold will follow the last part of the Platin track: Nufenen - Lukmanier - Oberalp. Total distance measures 180 (old: 160), elevation will be more or less equal according to our own calculations (around 5000 meters). Gold riders will miss out on the notorious Gotthard, but will be mentally challenged to the max by the 41 km long Lukmanierpass.

Silver contestants will also follow an updated route. The old course (Susten - Grimsel - Furka) is probably one of the most legendary routes in the Alpes. The new track, however, is possibly just as beautiful. Furka - Nufenen - Gotthard... we would have that for breakfast any day! Gold-riders might feel a bit disappointed in missing out on the Gotthard, the Silver riders are now getting the full Tremola treatment. 


To date, it's unclear why these changed have been made. We know there's a new company organizing the event: Cycling Unlimited AG. We also know this company strives to increase the number of contestants from 2500 to 3500-4000. It's likely this would only be possible when the routes are seperated at an early stage. Cyclokalender is contact with the Alpenbrevet, so an updated will certainly follow.

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