New routes for La Vaujany in 2020

Thursday 30 January 2020 by Frank Jansen

Interesting news today from Cycling Classics France. La Vaujany's routes will be completely redesigned in 2020. Good news, according to many. The new course resembles a mini Marmotte, with one remarkable difference.

La Vaujany's route has always solid as a rock, however in 2020, things will be different. The event will now start from the village of Vaujany. From here the pack will commence with a neutralised downhill to the reservoir. Subsequently, participants will climb the Glandon, just as the Marmotte. There is however one big difference: this descent is not neutralised. Questionable in our eyes, since numerous lethal accidents have taken place here in the past. After the Glandon, the second climb will be the famous Lacets de Montvernier. Any cycling enthusiast knows the countless switchbacks which made climb famous in recent years. 

Lacets de Montvernier during the Tour (Photo: Wikipedia)

Following the Col du Mollard, the riders will have to climb the Col de la Croix de Fer. Summiting at 2067 meters, this will be the highest point of the day. The long decent is equal to the first climb. But that's not all. In order to reach the finish, the riders have to ascend the steep climb back to Vaujany. The gran fondo course totals 143 km / 4253 meters elevation. Serious stuff.

Medio fondo

This course is not much easier. With 121 km / 2763 ev this is a tough one as well. The difference? The MF skips the Lacets and takes the La Toussuire route to the Croix de Fer instead of the Col de Mollard. 

The date is still the same, as always, it's a week before the Marmotte. For 2020, that's June 28.

Read all the info on the official website

* update *

Following our questions about the descent of Glandon, the organization says:

The descent of the Glandon is not neutralized for the moment. This decision is taken by the police and the prefecture as on la Marmotte. However the expected number of participants is 1200. It is therefore less dangerous than the Marmot groups. In addition it is sometimes more dangerous to neutralize a descent. As the time is stopped, some runners descend faster to catch up on the others.

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