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Saturday 25 July 2020 by Frank Jansen

Transporting your bike to a remote location is not always that easy. Maybe because you have a small car, or you don't have bike carriers. Or you do have carriers but two left hands. Maybe you're travelling with a large group. Are you travelling by plane? Then you will have to invest in a bike case and assemble and disassemble your bike. Transporting your bike can be challenging. Our new partner Move Your Bike has a solution for every bicycle transport problem.

Move Your Bike's solutions

The name of the company actually says it all. They transport your bike. There are several options on the menu. We'll highlight some of them.

1. Transportation to gran fondo's and sportives: Go figure, you take the plane or blow over the Autobahn at 180 km/hour and Move Your Bike makes sure your bike is ready for you at your destination. On the gran fondo detail page of events where Move Your Bike takes care of the transport you will find their banner. Of course you can also find the complete list on their website.

2. Weekly bike transport to Spain and Mallorca: From January till June MYB rides weekly to and from Spain and Mallorca to deliver bikes to the different hotels. Besides bikes you can also bring your luggage, so you can fly on hand luggage, which saves time and money.

3. Custom bicycle transport. Perfect for those training weekends with larger groups in the Vosges or elsewhere in Europe. If desired, you can extend this service much further. On site assistance (support car) is possible, and the transport of riders and luggage to the destination is also possible.

4. Rental of transport equipment. You prefer to drive yourself? No problem. MYB also hires out minibuses, delivery vans and trailers specially equipped to transport bicycles.

More info Of course this is not the only thing MYB / Fietstransport does. Take a look at their website for more information. 

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