Light at the end of the gran fondo tunnel?

Tuesday 19 May 2020 by Frank Jansen

Corona measures are being loosened in the whole of Europe. Cycling outside is permitted again, bars and restaurants are reopened and in many places, school (party) open their doors again. But what about gran fondo's? Many large scale and small scale events are currently working hard to get it done.

Picture: GFNY Vaujany

Positive signals

At Cyclocalendar, we're receiving more and more positive signals from the industry. Our partner Tour des Stations (8 Aug) has stopped the registration in order to stay under 1000 contenders. In Germany, another partner Riderman (18-20 Sep) has indicated the event will occur if the current policy remains the same. Same goes for the Erzgebirgstour (10-12 Jul). 

GFNY Alpes Vaujany

Another event that's really doing everything to occur is our latest partner GFNY Alpes Vaujany. The intended date: August 30, 20202. It seems to be going the right way and the organizers are confident. The contenders limit of 1000 will not be the problem. There's nothing wrong the route either. Starting from Vaujany, you'll start with a descent towards the lake. From there, you'll ride the famous Croix de Fer - Glandon loop counterclockwise. Right at the end, you're in for a treat: a couple of steep kilometres back to Vaujany. By the way, the last few km's of the Glandon are not easy either. You'll end up 117 km with 3925 meters of elevation on the clock. Tough, but feasible. 

Who not do two....?

For those who want to save their GF season, there's more good news. The week after, on September 5, La Marmotte is scheduled. With a bit of luck, you'll be able to ride two gran fondo's instead of just one.

More info on the GFNY can be found on their website. Interested? Cyclocalendar would not be Cyclocalendar if we wouldn't give a away free tickets. Tune in on our website and social media for more on that. And let's hope for more positive news in the coming weeks. We'll keep you informed.

What is GFNY?

GFNY is one of the largest international gran fondo organizations, led by Uli and Lidia Fluhme. In 2011, they started with the Gran Fondo New York. It's organized in the Italian tradition and has a spectacular start from the George Washington Bridge. In 2014, the first GFNY World event was organized in Italy. Today, this tour consists of 22 international events, including Isreal, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Argentina, and France.

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