How much does Zwift cost?

Tuesday 13 October 2020 by Frank Jansen

The answer? 15 euros per month. But that's worth every penny. We prefer to look at the return. And that's a lot. After all, the temperature is dropping, the rain showers are frequent and the roads are slippery from the fallen leaves. In short, the cycling season is nearing its end. A few years ago, at this time of year, the racing bike was neatly polished and stored in a shed, garage or attic.

In this time of year, when the weather conditions are less pleasant to ride outside, we can continue cycling inside, because we have ZWIFT! In the past, the real fanatic cyclists who wanted to continue training in winter, had the old-fashioned Tacx or rrollers. But that can't be compared to Zwift. For those who don't know it yet or have only vaguely heard about it, what is Zwift and why is it so much fun.

Zwift, computer game or training tool?

Zwift is an online cycling computer game. Through the internet you can train or race with others in a virtual world. In Zwift you can earn drops (drops, as in drops of sweat). With these drops you can buy virtual stuff like frames, wheels and clothes in the drop shop. How to earn drops is here.  When I say "computer game" it might sound like a game. Make no mistake, you can ride serious training programs on Zwift. There are also very serious competitions.  Zwift has been around for a number of years but since the corona crisis it has taken a big leap.

How does Zwift work?

Why should I use Zwift? First of all, it's the experience, despite the fact that your bike just stands still in your shed or attic you still have the idea that you're cycling somewhere else (in the virtual world). It does depend on the hardware you have at your disposal. For the optimal cycling experience a smart trainer is a must. This article clearly explains the difference between a basic and a smart trainer. A smart trainer measures your power and you can connect it to the internet via your PC, tablet or cell phone. The resistance is then automatically adjusted to the conditions of the virtual world in which you ride. Furthermore, a nice big screen and good sound boxes are also nice, but not necessary. It is always more fun than staring at a bare wall and listening to your own panting.

What makes it really fun is that you can ride with others - it's of course also a social sport. In Zwift you ridee simultaneously with people from all over the world. There are regular social group rides that you can join. This is not a competition based element but just to ride a (virtual) route together and / or do a training together. There is a chat function in Zwift so you can chat with each other. It is also possible to organize a meetup. For a meetup you can invite your friends via the Zwift companion app and choose the virtual world in which you want to ride. In a meetup you only see the people in the virtual world that you have invited yourself. A meetup can be planned up to 7 days in advance and you can invite up to 100 friends. This way you can also ride a race with just friends.


What I like most so far are the races. They are addictive and also very heavy. The nice thing is that there is a competition for every level, from beginner to pro. Classifications are published on the internet. For the more serious racers it is possible to join a team or to start their own team.

If you become enthusiastic after this story and would like to go cycling with Zwift yourself and want to know how to do it, click here. Turn your man cave into a 'suffercave' or 'paincave', go Zwift and those nasty winter kilo's will stay away this winter.

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