Gran Fondo Mont Ventoux held under beautiful conditions

Sunday 06 September 2020 by Herman Nekkers

France is the only country where gran fondos still take place on a large scale. On Saturday it was the Marmotte, a day later another beautiful event took place: the Gran Fondo Mont Ventoux.

Photo: Gran Fondo Mont Ventoux

The Gran Fondo Mont Ventoux is especially famous in France. This is strange, because the course is fantastic with a finish just below the top of the bald mountain. 137 kilometres and 3250 altitude metres. The final climb of the long distance goes via the legendary Bedoin side. There is also a short route (80 km/2135 hm) via Sault.

The organisation has no lack of interest, because this event was fully booked weeks in advance. The ride was done under ideal conditions.

A beautifully organised cyclo on the Ventoux, that's a dream for every cyclist. The start is in the cosy Vaison-la-Romaine, where the largest Roman excavation in Europe is located after Rome. If you are already looking for interesting options for 2021 then this is definitely worth considering. 


For the men Thomas Lemaitre won the long distance in 4:12:42. Winner in the women's was Severine Jouan with a time of 4:47:36.

The short distance was won by Ludovich Delpech (2:33:30) and Delphine Reinert (2:59:03).

Read the complete result here.

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