End of the Corima Drôme Provençale

Monday 02 March 2020 by Rob Thierig

The organisation of the Corima Drôme Provençale has announced that there will be no 11th edition. The last edition of this gran fondo took place in Montélimar last April. Perhaps not known to the general public, this event was still able to count on participants from outside of France year after year. Located in the sunny Provence, on the Autoroute du soleil, participation in this gran fondo was often linked to an early training stage around the Mont Ventoux.

In recent years the organisation has tried to keep the gran fondo on the calendar with great commitment from more than 300 volunteers, but declining volunteers and insufficient financial and technical support have forced the organisation to take this decision. For many this will be a loss, but those who sniff around on Cyclocalendar can discover nice alternatives such as:

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