Corona virus leads to run on turbo trainers

Monday 23 March 2020 by Frank Jansen

Normally the indoor season would have ended now, but the coronavirus has complicated things. Many people in Europe are already in some kind of lockdown situation or they fear one. Others are still able to ride outside but have to monitor their kids as long the schools are closed. The solution: a turbo trainer. Not restricted to indoor use only. A garden, if you have one, will work just fine too.

Photo: Frank Jansen

Some of our readers informed us that turbo trainers are out of stock on the internet. After roaming around the usual suspects for a while, we've concluded they are right. Well-known trainers such as the Tacx Flux and Neo, the Wahoo Kickr and Kickr Core and the Elite Suito are hard, if not impossible, to come by. The populair indoor training app Zwift reported a record-breaking amount of users last week. Many pro's turn indoor as well. Robert Gesink (currently in lockdown in Andorra) rode a staggering 250 km virtual kilometers yesterday on his Tacx.

When will trainers be in stock again?

We asked a couple of large webshops about their stock of direct drive turbo trainer. This is what they wrote us.


On this moment, the demand for turbo trainer is massive. Trainers arrive weekly. The exact time/date is hard to determine. Possibly end of this week.


The Elite Suito is now in stock again, albeit a limited amount. Unfortunately, the delivery time of many trainers is unknown.

Moral of the story: you will have to be patient. If you're in the market for one, it could be a good idea to sign up for a restock-email for specific items.