5 reasons to cherish autumn

Tuesday 22 September 2020 by Frank Jansen

Today, the astronomical autumn begins. The meteorological season had already begun on 1 September. For many riders, it's the season to slowly put away the bike. Not with Cyclocalendar! Especially in this strange corona year, you could say that we are only just getting started. This will be a very special autumn... for 5 reasons!

1. The gran fondo season is not over yet

It's a well-known story: many GF's have been cancelled or postponed to autumn. As a result, this gran fondo season is longer than ever. Also many sportives have been postponed. However, in some countries there are still surprisingly many events taking place. Read our article about gran fondo's that actually occur or take a look in the calendar. Our editors do everything they can to keep the data up to date.

2. It's still beautiful weather

In the last few years, we've been seeing quite good weather especially in the beginning of the autumn. This year, that seems to be the case as well. The last couple of years even in October we have been able to ride short sleeved once of twice. Make use of this as much as possible, because you will have to sit on your bike trainer for months at a time shortly. Enjoy while you still can! Just put an extra layer on the morning and evening.

3. It's getting quieter on the road again

This year, partly due to corona is was more crowded than ever on the road. Bike manufacturers turned record profits, which meant popular segments clogged up. But little by little you can already see that these good weather "COVID" cyclists are dropping out. So now's the time to ride your favorite tour on Sunday without slaloming. Happy days.

4. In autumn, nature is at its most beautiful

The beautiful colors of autumn, who doesn't like that? The leaves are falling out of the trees and every week the trees change color. How beautiful it is in this season! 

5. Time to clear your head

No matter how beautiful and quiet it is in the autumn, you can take your foot of the throttle. A little less cycling: quality over quantity. The days are getting shorter of course, so there is less time to train in the evening. This also creates time for other things. Like making plans for 2021! And of course looking beyond the racing bike. MTBs, gravel racing or riding on the beach. A change of scenery is key every now and then.

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