20 gran fondos that still take place in 2020 #Updated September 12#

Saturday 12 September 2020 by Herman Nekkers

Hundreds of gran fondo's have been canceled this year in our calendar. But is your cycling year lost with that? Certainly not! A lot of wonderful events are still going on. We list the most beautiful ones for you

Rad am Ring (Germany - July 25) 

Super fast descents with speeds up to 100 kph and steep slopes up to 18%. That's Rad am Ring; the spectaculair event at the Nürburgring. There are various distances; the longest has 6 laps (150 km). The 24-hour race has been canceled this year, but the gran fondo will occur.

#Update 3 juli#  Unfortunately all events of Rad am Ring are cancelled.

Tour des Stations / Marmotte Granfondo Valais (Switzerland - August 8) ✔︎

Photo 1: Tour des Stations

Very heavy gran fondo with several distances, including the Marmotte Granfondo Valais. All routes finish via the Col de la Croix de Coeur, with unpaved final kilometers. The registration is currently temporarily suspended in order to stay under 1000 contenders. The organization will provide more clarity in early June.

#Update June 15#  Some distances have been cancelled to increase the chance of the event, read all the info here.

#Update June 19#  The Swiss Federal Government allows events for up to 1,000 participants from 22 June. The Tour des Stations will definitely take place, reports the organisation.

#Update June 24#  The registration has been opened again.

#Update August 12#  Gran fondo has been held with special COVID-measure, read our race report.

Krušnoton (Czech Republic - August 8) 

Hard gran fondo in the Czech Republic, which has become widely known in recent years. There are three distances; the longest has 250 kilometers and almost 5000m of elevation. Start is in Teplice, not far from the German border.

#Update June 15#  The organization decided that the Krušnoton will not take place in 2020; the next edition will be in 2021.

La Madeleine (France - August 9) ✔︎

Smaller event, but definitely worth it. The trail features legendary names such as the Col de la Croix de Fer, Col du Chaussy (including Lacets de Montvernier) and finish at the Col de la Madeleine. Various routes.

#Update August 12#  Gran fondo has been held.

Les Trois Ballons (France - August 22) 

This classic in the Vosges needs no introduction. With famous cols like the Grand Ballon, Ballon d'Alsace and finish at La Planche des Belles Filles. Originally scheduled for June, but moved to August.

#Update June 30#  The registration has been closed. More info will follow. Will it be cancelled?

#Update 3 juli#  Cycling Classics France: Les Trois Ballons cancelled.

Mercan'Tour Bonette (France - August 23) ✔︎

This is the gran fondo with the highest passing in the Alps. A relatively small event, but why? The course is devine. Bonette, Cayolle and the final climb to Valberg. Definitely worth a try.

#Update June 15#  Course has been shortened to reduce the number of volunteers. Route still goes to the Bonette. Organization assumes that it can take place.

#Update September 12#  Gran fondo has been held.

GFNY Alpes Vaujany (France - August 30) ✔︎

Photo 2: GFNY / Sportograf

New event from the gran fondo organizer GFNY. The beautiful route leads you over the Col de la Croix de Fèr, Col du Glandon and the final climb to Vaujany. Magnificent route over legendary cols.

#Update June 26#  De organisatie reports: GFNY Alpes Vaujany is proceeding as planned. We already have medals, race packets and race jerseys in production. And finalize course control and other aspects of the race. Vaujany is very much looking forward to hosting GFNY riders and families in two months.

#Update July 5# Message from organization: the race has been confirmed by the authorities and will be one of only a handful mass participation races happening this summer in Europe. Take advantage of it so your 2020 cycling year will be a memorable one for the right reasons.

#Update July 23# Message from organization: GFNY Alpes Vaujany was the first cyclo in France to receive permission by the French authorities to hold the race on August 30, due to GFNY’s event production expertise and detailed Anti-COVID measures. Read all about the extensive measures the organisation has taken here.

#Update September 12#  Gran fondo has been held. Read our race report.

Marmotte Granfondo Alpes (France - September 5) ✔︎

Where other large organizations have canceled their event early on, Cycling Classics France has managed to find a new date for the Marmotte. Although this was at the expense of the Marmotte Pyrenees, it is still a good example. Can be nicely combined with the GFNY Alpes Vaujany.

#Update 3 juli#  Cycling Classics France announced: Concerning the LEPAPE Marmotte Granfondo Alpes (September 5) and the Granfondo Vosges (September 27), the latest news from the government is reassuring for the holding of these events.

#Update September 12#  Gran fondo has been held. Read our race report.

Granfondo Gavia e Mortirolo (Italië - 6 september) 

Absolute killer gran fondo over a legendary route with the Gavia-Mortirolo loop. Followed by the Santa Cristina for dessert. A real classic at Cyclocalendar.

#Update June 18#  Gran fondo has been cancelled. Next edition: June 27, 2021. 

Kufsteinerland Radmarathon (Austria - September 6) 

Small-scale event in Tyrol. In Austria they know a thing or two about organizing, everything is arranged tip-top here. No extremely high mountains, but a wonderful route over 2000m elevation to give it your best.

#Update August 12#  Gran fondo has been cancelled. Next edition September 6, 2021.

La Charly Gaul (Luxembourg - September 6) 

La Charly Gaul is a tough event in the rolling hills of Luxembourg. The date is scheduled annually on the first or second Sunday in September. The registration will be opened soon.

#Update July 24#  Gran fondo has been cancelled. Next edition: September 5, 2021. 

Santini Granfondo Mont Ventoux (France - September 6) ✔︎

Well-organized gran fondo with finish on the legendary Mont Ventoux. Has quickly become a real classic in the GF world. The short distance (80 km) goes via Sault and the long (137 km) via Bédoin.

#Update June 18# The organization reports that everything is ok and that it will happen on September 6.

#Update September 12#  Gran fondo has been held.

Granfondo Strade Bianche (Italië - September 13) 

This is the gran fondo of the pro race; originally scheduled for March 8. Registration is currently closed, but the event is still announced. Keep an eye on it. Wielerbus offers a fully arranged trip including a start ticket. Very easy.

#Update June 26#  Organiser RCS has worked out measures under which the gran fondo can take place. The final approval by the government has yet to take place.

#Update August 12#  Gran fondo has been cancelled.

Riderman (Germany - September 18-20) 

Photo 3: Riderman /  Sportograf

Great three day event in the Black Forest. Based on current developments in Germany, one can assume that this stage race can continue as planned. Pay attention! Cyclocalendar will have a raffle for free tickets soon. Keep an eye on it.

#Update June 26#  The organization is still in discussion with the local government if the Riderman goes on. A final decision is expected soon.

#Update June 30#  De Riderman has been cancelled due to the limitation of participants of 500.

Eifel 205 (Germany - September 19) 

New gran fondo in Germany with completely car-free course in the German Eifel. Last week it was announced that the event had been moved 4 weeks from August 22 to September 19.

#Update July 3#  Mass events are not allowed until October. Hence the Eifel 205 has been cancelled.

Granfondo Vosges (France - September 27)

Relatively new gran fondo in the Vosges. The route compels a serie of medium climbs.

#Update 3 juli#  Cycling Classics France announced: Concerning the LEPAPE Marmotte Granfondo Alpes (September 5) and the Granfondo Vosges (September 27), the latest news from the government is reassuring for the holding of these events.

Haute Route Ventoux (France - October 2-4)

Immense three-day event around the Mont Ventoux. All stages start in Bédoin and every day you climb the giant of the Provence from a different side. On the last day, there's an ITT from Bédoin.

#Update June 26#   With the situation as it stands, we are still very much planning on going to Ventoux this year. Both this event and Haute Route Mexico are still on the calendar and we are moving full speed ahead to make them both happen. You can find all the details on our events page.

#Update September 12#  This three-day top event takes place as usual. In fact, Cyclokalender gives away a free ticket next week! Follow our website and Facebook...

Mallorca 312 (Spain - October 10) 

Very popular gran fondo that filled up in a few hours earlier this year. The original date was April 25, but after the move to October 10, tickets became available again. Registration is currently open. Don't miss out.

#Update September 12#  Gran fondo has been cancelled. Message from the organization: "Despite the great efforts carried out by the Organization in the last months, we regret to inform you that the Mallorca 312 has been canceled. The evolution of the health situation and the restrictions, which affect mobility between countries and even make it difficult for many of you to reach Mallorca, make it impossible to carry out the race."

Giro Sardegna (Italy - October 11-16)

A wonderful six day event in Sardinia that has been postponed to October this year. Can be a great ending to your cycling year.

Il Lombardia (Italy - October 13) 

Shortened GF version of the pro course. Includes famous climbs like the Madonna di Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano; one of the steepest slopes in Europe. The gran fondo is normally held a day after the pro race. However, this has been moved to October 31. The date of the gran fondo has not yet changed.

#Update June 26#  Organiser RCS has worked out measures under which the gran fondo can take place. The final approval by the government has yet to take place.

#Update August 12#  Gran fondo has been cancelled.

View the complete overview of gran fondo events and sportive tours in our calendar.

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